The studio BIJU-03 performs all types of repairs of gold and silver jewelry. We work with a wide range of equipment needed for the production of jewelry, perfectly finished to the highest standard. With our many years of experience, we work with great skill and attention to detail, creating handmade jewelry with microscopic precision, and with us you can repair, refresh or rework your jewelry.

  • We repair:
    -chains-welding / soldering /, soldering
    -necklaces-we restore individual parts or whole elements of jewelry.
    -ring-Size adjustment; expansion or contraction
    -repair of hollow jewelry
    -placement of stones -work under a microscope ensures that we can set security for each stone, regardless of scale.

  • Restoration of coatings:
     - gilding

         - rhodium plating

         - silver plating

  • Engraving
    Engraving jewelry is a pleasant, precise and responsible task. Rings, bracelets, tiles made of silver or gold - can carry a message for a loved one, initials or a picture of your choice. The technique of manual engraving is proven and engraving - a thin line is taken and all the shine of the metal is revealed. In practice, the inscription is eternal and gives the jewelry a creative finish.

Our studio combines a shop & workshop and you are welcome from Monday to Friday from 9 / 13h to visit us and observe our work while the jewelry is repaired. At the end, the repaired jewelry is cleaned and polished to a shine. Of course, you can send your product for repair by courier / covid-19 /. Even if you assume that the repair is impossible, visit our jewelry studio Biju-03 or contact our contact page. We will consider together.