2 August 2021
How to pack travel jewellery.

A few tips on how to pack your jewellery for your next trip.

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27 December 2020

It's the time of year when people try their hardest to give loved ones the special gifts. We recommend to think about the gifts that have lasting value.

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Shop for handmade gold and silver jewellery.

About us

 We opened our doors in 2004 and since then we have established ourselves as a shop for handmade modern jewelry. Our collections are designed and made within our studio, we also create special unique jewelry and offer custom service. We use both traditional and modern goldsmithing techniques to create our long-lasting, modern jewelry.

About our style

 We are traditional goldsmiths known for our unique modern fine jewelry. We like to explore new ideas and constantly add new designs to our collection. As classic goldsmiths, our style and shapes are strongly influenced by the technique and properties of the metals we work with. We strive to create elegant jewelry that is in harmony with the curves and contours of the body.

 About our studio

 Biju03's studio is a meeting place for our clients and a jewelry workshop. Our store is open Monday through Saturday and visitors are welcome to view the jewelry collections on display while we work.

 Regarding the price of custom jewelry

 There is no extra charge for ordering a jewelry design. With all the work that is done in the studio, it offers us the ideal place to place an order for jewelry. They can be a simple variation of one of our existing designs or a custom design created just for you. Contact us if you have an idea for jewelry or want to know more about the process.

 How we make our jewelry

 Custom designs usually start with sketching and may involve making a model in wax or metal. Every detail of our jewelry is made under a microscope for accuracy and precision. This level of detail is essential for creating perfectly finished jewelry that will last for years. We have more than 20 years of experience in jewelry making and diamond placement, so you can be sure that your jewelry will last for generations. .